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Spring Cleaning Tips

  • 8 months ago
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Spring Cleaning Tips Bloom-Realty-Krista-Moreno-Seguin-Texas-Real-Estate-Guadalupe-County-Real-Estate-Selling-a-Home-Real-Estate-Market-in-Guadalupe-County

As we move into spring and summer, it’s time to prepare your home for the warmer months. Here are a few general upkeep reminders and spring cleaning tips to make sure everything in and around your home is in good shape.

  • Inspect roofing: look for missing, loose, or damaged shingles and signs of any leaks.
  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts.
  • Inspect the chimney for damage.
  • Check sprinkler heads.
  • Have air-conditioning system serviced.
  • Fertilize the lawn.
  • Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Change air-conditioner filters.
  • Inspect sink, shower, and bath caulking for deterioration.
  • Repair or replace caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors.
  • Vacuum lint from the dryer vent.

Whether your spring cleaning routine is an all-weekend marathon or multiple cleaning sessions, it can be daunting.  Here are some tips to help you get the job done!


Pick a cloudy day to wash your windows. If it’s too sunny, the cleaning solution will dry too fast, leaving you with streaks.  A clean microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning windows more effectively. 


Rotate and flip mattresses, wash blankets and comforters (or take them to be cleaned), and wash mattress pads and bed skirts.  To clean your pillows, you can hang them outside in the fresh air, toss them in your dryer on the air (no heat) cycle, or send them to a professional cleaner. 


Go through your medicine cabinets and safely discard any outdated items. Replace worn bath mats, shower curtains, and liners, or wash and dry them if they’re still in good condition.


Wipe down your pantry, kitchen cabinets, and drawers. Clean the refrigerator and freezer by tossing old or expired condiments and scrubbing the shelves and walls with mild detergent.


Carpets collect dust, dirt, and debris deep down, and it’s good practice to deep-clean them at least once a year. 

Window Treatments

Go over curtains and drapes with a lint roller or the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to remove pet hair and dust that may have accumulated over time.  Sheer curtains can go in the dryer on low heat with a damp towel or a fabric-softener sheet.

Overlooked Surfaces

It’s time to thoroughly clean your baseboards, window sills, door knobs, light switches, and light fixtures (and any other surface that gets overlooked daily). A squirt of dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water is all you’ll need to clean these surfaces.

Underneath Furniture and Appliances

It’s time to move your sofa and other large pieces of furniture to the side to show the floors underneath some love.  While you’re at it, move kitchen appliances away from the wall as much as possible and tackle those tricky spots.

Whether you prefer to deep clean inside first or start outdoors and wind your way in, create a realistic schedule by focusing on these spring cleaning tips one task at a time. Feel free to email me at krista@bloomrealtytx.com or call me at (830) 305-5248 for any questions you may have about real estate. I am always here to offer guidance and advice and happy to be your trusted guide every step of the way!

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