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Steps to Selling Your Home

What to Expect in the Process

If you’re considering selling your home, you likely have questions about the process. At Bloom Realty, we want to share our knowledge–let’s take a look at the steps in the home selling process.

Define Your Needs and Goals

Write down the reasons for selling your home, along with what you hope to achieve. In other words, why do you want to sell and what do you want to accomplish with the sale?

Determine the Price

Deciding on the list price for your home is an important step, and we’ll assist you with understanding market trends, pricing in your neighborhood, and pricing of competing homes. At the end of the day, setting a fair asking price from the beginning will generate the most activity from other real estate professionals and potential buyers.

Prepare Your Home for Showings

The condition of your home affects how quickly it sells and for how much. First impressions are crucial. At Bloom Realty, we’ll help you evaluate your home and make suggestions regarding staging to make it more appealing to buyers. Once the home is ready, we’ll bring in a professional photographer to capture the essence of your home through photos.

Spread the Word

The marketing plan for your home kicks into high gear here, and we’ll put together a customized strategy to expose your home to the most qualified buyers and real estate professionals, including syndication to thousands of websites around the world.

Contract Negotiations

You have three options: accept a contract as-written, make a counteroffer, or reject an offer. In most cases, offers will need to be negotiated to arrive at a win-win agreement. Once both parties have agreed to the terms of sale, the contract will be finalized.

Option Period

The option period is the buyer’s “due diligence” period where they conduct inspections and may cancel the contract if any of the reports come back with issues that both parties are unwilling to compromise on. If negotiations go well and both parties agree, the sale continues to move forward.

Prepare for the Move

Most likely, the property will need to be surveyed, formally appraised, inspected, and possibly repaired. At Bloom Realty, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Closing refers to the part of the process where final documents are executed. From there, the title company distributes your net proceeds, records the final deed of trust, and transfers the official ownership of the property to the buyer.


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