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501 N Austin Street

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As a child, I would eagerly await the 4th of July parade, as do most children in Seguin.  My father always took us to the Texaco gas station at 501 N Austin Street to sit and watch the colors and music float by.  Over the years, that building has become a special place for me. I’ve taken my children there to watch the parade and now my grandchildren. Going there every year has preserved a piece of my childhood and created new memories with each generation.

The building changed ownership over the decades and eventually fell into disrepair.  Watching such a special place fade away tugged at my heartstrings. I couldn’t bear to watch it wither into oblivion.  When the building came up for sale, I had an overwhelming drive to preserve the past and honor my father’s memory. I embarked on a mission to renovate that old building and bring it back to life! 

I shared my vision with my family, and together we embarked on a journey to revive the old building. We took it one brick at a time.  The renovation has had its share of challenges, from the rusty metal roof to the worn and faded facade. The restoration process has been a massive undertaking, but we did it!  We preserved the vintage aesthetics and incorporated modern materials to create a functional office space. Soon my new office will be full Bloom!

The building at 501 N Austin holds such a special place in my heart. It’s a beacon of cherished memories and a testament to the love between a father and a child. It has shown me that even in the face of change and progress, the bonds we form with our loved ones and the memories we create can stand the test of time.

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